The cleanest country in the world


Where nowadays live is safe? Which countries promote ecology and health-living? Not only people, but also scientists from around the world continue asking these questions. To answer them, the annual rankings of the cleanest countries in the world are accomplished. The environmental situation in 140 selected countries was analyzed for a variety of criteria: water quality, soil contamination levels, cleanliness  of air, greenery, etc.


According to the research, 5th place in this ranking takes Columbia. In this country care of nature and ecology is established well. After all, the main income comes from cultivation of flowers and coffee. Nobody wants to buy radioactive coffee, right? The state also preserves its natural resources. Besides, nature has generously endowed Columbia: it is washed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Andes stretch along the whole country, and there’s a comfortable climate for living. It is not surprising that the average life expectancy in Columbia is about 73 years.

Even cleaner it is in Costa Rica which took the 4th place. This small state tenderly cares about its nature wealth. The country depends largely on eco-tourism, so cleanliness became the actual good. Costa Rica, as the previous ranking participant, is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. At the state level, everything is done to preserve the purity and reduce harmful interference of man into the environment. The only problem is the polluted marine areas, but it is also to be solved by Costa Rica government.

The leaders top three opens Norway (3rd place). Northern State is obliged to such a high position in the ranking, primarily to its natural and climate conditions. Across the country stretch Scandinavian mountains, also there are many beautiful valleys and fjords. Norwegians protect their natural wealth, despite the high level of oil and gas production. In addition to natural beauty, Norway is still a very rich country with a high, even for Europe, level of GDP per capita.

2nd place took Sweden, another northern European country. A significant part of the country is clean forests and lakes, moreover, throughout the kingdom are many nature reservation and national parks. Yet Sweden has 3 accesses to sea: the Gulf of Bothnia, Baltic Sea, Danish Straits. The climate is comfortable for life: there is no severe cold in winter and extreme hot in summer.


The cleanest country in the world is Switzerland. Out of 100 possible points this country earned more than 95. Almost the entire country is actually in mountains, Alps. Therefore, residents of Switzerland constantly breathe the beautiful mountain air. The climate is humid and mild; there are many parks and nature reserves. And this state is also the richest in the world. All this became possible due to the famous Swiss banks, the most reliable in the world. So, residents do not have to work in hazardous industries.

Here’s a ranking of the cleanest countries in the world. We sincerely hope that our country will be one of the leaders in this ranking one day.

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