The water in the pool without chlorine is real!

Despite the swimming season at open air is over, citizens still have an access to public pools all year round. As you know, in all swimming pools for cleaning is used chlorine — a substance which helps to disinfect water. On the one hand, we can clearly see the pros in the purification of water by chlorination, but swimming in such water is not very beneficial to the human body — this water dries the skin, can cause respiratory diseases and it is not the end of the list of possible harm to humans. Therefore, chlorination of water in public swimming pools has become a recognized problem.

Not a drop of chlorine!

Not a drop of chlorine!

However, the Swiss decided to change the status quo and have built Naturbad Riehen, the pool, where chlorine is not used for cleaning at all. In June of this year the pool opened its doors to visitors. The authorship of the project belongs to the Swiss architecture office Herzog & de Meuron. For the water purification in the pool is used only water purification system and nothing else. This creates a feeling of swimming in the natural beautiful pond with clear water.

Residents of the Swiss city of Riehen wanted to have a public swimming pool, which water will not be purified by chemicals, so they actively supported the project Naturbad Riehen, which construction began in 2013. The special feature of this pool is that the water is purified with a special filtration system and plants which grow around the pool. With such a simple and environmentally friendly method of cleaning the pool 2,000 people can swim in clean water per day!

The water purification process consists of several stages. In the first stage the filter takes out the particles of skin and hair, fat. Then the water gets into the regeneration zone in which plants absorb bacteria, water dust and other compounds. Plants cleaners are irises and water lilies. After this filtering the clean water is pumped back into the area for swimming.

Naturbad Riehen is a relaxation complex by the water, there is a swimming pool for adults and for children, diving area, recreation area, lawns with grass for picnics and sunbathers, as well as various service facilities like locker rooms and bathrooms. Around the pool there are many beautiful live plants that create an impression of a beautiful pond, created by nature itself.