Toxic household chemicals


Household chemicals have long been best friends of every woman in household cleaning. Every lady has several bottles with different cleaning means in her house. The labels on these bottles promise to wash and clean off any dirt. But in the pursuit of purity, we sometimes forget about the dangers that can present these «wonder means».

We offer you a few tips which will help you to protect yourself from harmful effects of using toxic chemicals. Discard the chemistry containing chlorine, phosphates and other compounds thereof: they are not only dangerous to human health, but also pollute the environment. But we all know the axiom about the cycling of matter in nature…


We all are accustomed to bleach (sodium hypochlorite) — unstable substances that easily excrete chlorine, the danger of which is difficult to overestimate. This gas is harmful to the cardiovascular system, allergenic, causing oncological diseases.

Surface active agents (surfactants) are contained in all customary detergents and laundry detergents. They are really fast to cope with dirty dishes and stains on clothes, but are not able to rinse several times to wash them before the end of the surface of the dishes or clothes. So try to use the facilities, where surfactant content of less than 5%.

It’s a bit surprising, but even an ordinary ammonia, which is often used in glass cleaners, is harmful to eyes and causes headaches.

Polishing for wood surfaces (floors and furniture) contain nitrobenzene, which can cause vomiting, shortness of breath, in the case of severe poisoning may lead to death. For kids it is a possible cause of early defects in development.

From the point of view of health and the environment, household chemicals is a real arsenal of chemical weapons in slow motion. Therefore it is better to minimize the range of such means. And cleaning different premises is better to entrust to a professional cleaning company, which works with specialized chemistry that meets environmental standards.


Cleaning company «DEN» uses only professional chemistry, the level of harm and danger of which is minimal both for humans and for the environment. Our experts know how and where to use special means to provide safe and secure purity!

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