Cleaning cinemas throughout Ukraine is our strong point

Cleaning cinemasAn excellent test of professionalism for cleaning company is cleaning of shopping centers and complexes. Cleaning of the mall includes such types of cleaning: cleaning sales areas, warehouses cleaning, washing shop windows, and cleaning facades of the mall, cleaning cinemas, children’s playroom and toilets. In this case it is important that satisfied are both clients, customers and visitors of the mall, because it is pleasant to make shopping in the clean space. With task of cleaning of shopping centers and malls, cleaning company DEN copes very fine.

Employees must promptly remove the dirt from very different surfaces, providing comfort to a large flow of visitors. In addition, it is important, that the cleaning process is transparent to the ordering party, and the shopping center always meets its customers with absolute cleanness.

Cleaning company DEN also provides a separate service for SEC’s — cleaning cinemas. Cleaning in cinemas includes three components:

  • cleaning the halls between screenings;
  • daily cleaning;
  • general cleaning.

Cleaning in cinemas between screenings is operational cleaning of the cinema hall between film screenings. This type of cleaning requires a real expertise. As soon as breaks between sessions last only a few minutes, cleaners have a short period of time to bring the hall in order. The audience of the next film, in any case should not see the leftovers of popcorn, potato chips, empty bottles of beer and other beverages, a variety of packaging and other garbage left from a previous session. Often, cleaners need to quickly cope with traces of spilled Coke, crumbled into carpeting popcorn or used chewing gum. Fortunately, the qualified personnel can provide cleaning services cinema halls between sessions.

In the list of services offered by a cleaning company «DEN», we offer cleaning of the cinemas. Our experts provide qualified and on time cleaning services. We already have the experience of cleaning cinemas; in our current customer base is one of the most modern European cinemas «Kronverk Cinema» at the mall «Skymall», Kiev.

Daily cleaning in cinemas is the cleaning which is held every day. This type of cleaning is not as important as cleaning between sessions. In the morning, all cinema halls, entrances, lobby, restrooms should be prepared for a huge flow of visitors. A good daily cleaning helps to keep cinema always in excellent condition. Also, qualified daily cleaning will let the owners to rarely repair the buildings, equipment, while helps to know in time the need to replace expendables or some equipment. As the ideal state of the cinema hall speaks for itself, providing a second flow of visitors, at the same time in a cinema hall with visible dirt or odors, visitors won’t come back any more.

General cleaning of cinemas is periodical cleaning of all cinema rooms, including technical and auxiliary rooms. It allows the owner to effectively remove stubborn dirt from the seats, get rid of dust and germs, provides cleaning of hard-to-reach areas, or not available areas while cleaning between sessions, because of short duration of such cleaning. Effective general cleaning of the cinema provides visitors the feel of safety and comfort while visiting the cinema.

Cleaning of cinema is important image component of SEC. Therefore, it is better to entrust this responsibility to professionals. Sometimes cinema owners try to organize their own cleaning service. But in this case, the owner needs to understand, that usual cleaners do not have the necessary knowledge, skills and professional cleaning chemicals that will not harm the equipment of the cinema, and will bring it right. Even availability of professional detergents won’t ensure their proper use by cleaning staff which didn’t have regular trainings, as in cleaning companies done.

Passing function of cleaning cinema to the specialized cleaning company, you will get rid of unnecessary trouble for the organization of work, purchase of cleaning equipment, training of personnel, control of cleaning staff, etc. You will surely save time and money.

Cleaning company «DEN», conducting cleaning in cinemas, will make sure that your visitors are always surrounded by cleanliness and comfort.