Your furniture is in professionals’ hands


Nice soft furniture is an inherent part of every house and office. Regular and professional cleaning will help your furniture to look good. To not damage the structure with the wrong detergents, it is better to call professionals who can find correct detergents and cleaning equipment.

A cleaning company also takes care of children, who live in the house, people with allergy and animals.

Cleaning soft furniture has the following steps:

  • Spot removal and primary operation with a specialized liquid solution.
  • Making furniture smell good and doing the colors recovering with help of special extraction equipment.
  • Cleaning the covering from dirt with a help of wet cleaning.
  • Special furniture drying that helps to use furniture in 4 hours after it`s been cleaned.

Leather-made furniture requires more delicate cleaning. The structure of leather furniture does not allow using traditional cleaning methods.

To clean the leather furniture, a special method was invented, and here it is:

  • Putting a specialized solution on leather item;
  • Hand cleaning of the item;
  • Cleaning furniture top with a special shampoo and putting on a special softening and retrieving crème.

It is necessary to check the type of leather before doing the cleaning and choosing the concrete detergent. It is also important to save a structure and elasticity, because good furniture look depends on it a lot.

Taking into account all the special issues of right cleaning of the soft furniture, it is better to use the specialist’s service, rather than making it yourself and risking to loose your furniture because of lack of knowledge and experience.