Big things start with small beginnings


Charity and social responsibility of business is becoming more popular and widespread. Company executives give money and other resources not just for goods but to form the image of a company which cares for the society, which is responsible and which does the charity.

“DEN” cleaning company has its own CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) system and takes part in different social projects by helping those who need our help. We also think that welfare and good actions should come from heads of companies, managers of some projects, and it is should be very important part of value system of all the employees. We decided to help our employees to show their love to philanthropy by organizing a charity for gathering some things. That charity gathering had a slogan “This is easy to help children”.

That is why we have organized a campaign to help children from an orphanage. That was not easy to choose which orphanage needs our help more, so we decided to choose the specialized house for children with special needs in Novograd-Volynsky city of Zhytomyr region. That is a small orphanage, where children are missing warmth and attention from parents and their life is complicated with serious diseases. There are 29 girls and 21 boys aged 0-5.

To let every employee being able to help kids we have put a post about collecting the most important and useful things for children: clothes, books, toys and health aids. That gathering was held during 1 week, and we were very happy in the end of that project to have all the necessities for kids, we have got 6 big boxes, filled to the top.

There were not only employees from “DEN” office but some other managers and even their relatives, who took part in the campaign. We’re proud that among us there are so many nice and responsible people who is ready to help and make our world a little bit nicer.

We are glad, that we were able to start that tradition in our company to help and share the goods. Now we know that charity – that is not only loud words, but that is a real wish to help that lives in hearts of our employees.

We hope that our support was useful for kids. We wish them to get well and to have a happy future!

“DEN” cleaning company.