Competent opinion


The leader`s opinion is always important and valuable. So this is a common thing that leading business editions while writing their articles ask for some comments from CEO of the company while this company is usually the leading company in a particular business field.

“DEN” cleaning company is one of the most successful Ukrainian cleaning companies which has started its service since the field started to form. So that is why “Business ideas. Franchising” magazine while preparing an article about cleaning field, had asked CEO of “DEN” company to comment on some questions about peculiarities in the cleaning service field in Ukraine.

Alexander Bardachov, CEO of Cleaning Company «DEN»

Alexander Bardachov (CEO) had answered questions, that journalists were interested in, very detailed and confidently, and after that, the information was published in article in new (9th, April-June 2013) edition number. “The net profit” article is actually the guide for new businessmen, who want to start cleaning business in Ukraine. There are all main levels of starting a new business, service providing peculiarities, threats and possibilities.

In the conversation about the real market situation, Alexandr Bardachov told about new European tendencies that had started to take their place in Ukraine: “Big European companies are interested in getting facility management comprehensive service”. Our company provides exactly these services.

CEO of “DEN” company says that the start of business depends on targets that company has. For example, company which is going to provide its service for big premises, trade and logistic centers, buildings, manufacturers, and others, has to make huge investments and resource expenses. If you begin with a minimum, for example, apartment cleaning, so it is enough to have a small number of staff and equipment.

Very important question in cleaning is how qualified staff is, that is why Alexander Bardachov told journalists about some peculiarities in hiring, training and motivating the staff. Moreover, “DEN” has a lot to be proud of: compared to the other companies who pay minimal salary to their employees for doing one-time work, we provide on-time and competitive payment for their work and we’re adhering the norms of labor legislation in Ukraine.

Company`s CEO determines the key-note of successful work in the cleaning field: “The company should provide the best and most qualified services for the minimum viable price”. “DEN” cleaning company  is working with this exact effective approach.

We are glad that community is interested in cleaning service, and the opinion of the leader of our company is considered to be authoritative.