«DEN» has celebrated its 13 years’ anniversary


Celebration of the 13th birthday of «DEN» was held in a warm and festive atmosphere. The whole team was shifted to the country town N, in the times of the leaders of the nobility and merchants:).The anniversary was celebrated in style of unforgettable novel by Ilf and Petrov «12 chairs». Though, in our version there was 13 chairs, because «DEN» employees celebrated the 13-th anniversary of the company.

Our ladies

Atmosphere of the early 20th — century was transferred thanks to the decoration of the hall and stylish look of our ladies. Also, beloved characters: Ostap-Suleyman-Berta-Marie-Bender-Bay and Kisa Vorobyaninov, we plunged into the adventure for finding the treasures.

Bright and extravagant performance of the stellars, meticulous attention to details involved our team into the search for treasures hidden in one of the 12 chairs.

Ostap Bender

All employees took part in an intriguing race for the main treasure. But nevertheless the heroes of the novel have not received such a coveted diamonds, in our story there were many treasures. In each chair there was hidden a bill of exchange for the prize, which was obtained by active participants and winners of competitions, as well as participants of the auction for the rest of chairs.

Though 12 chairs has found their owners, in the end of the auction, Ostap Bender announced the last lot – 13 th chair. The main treasure of this evening it was hidden in it. CEO of ”DEN” cleaning company Alexander Bardachov , who got the 13 th chair, named the biggest treasure — the team of workers of the company. This team made «DEN» to reach its success in business and will lead the company to the future victories.

The festive cake

The apogee of the gala evening was a huge birthday cake with «DEN» logo. Decorated with glowing fireworks, it provoked a storm of emotions and put the sweet top off on the official part of the celebration. Afterwards, the disco began with favourite hits of each member of our team. The evening passed fun and easy, and the 14th year of “DEN” company started with a great mood.

Congratulations to the «DEN» Happy Birthday and wishes to the company the success and prosperity!