DEN is an «Industry Leader — 2014»

National business rating is a comprehensive program that is based on official statistics and determines annually the leaders of Ukrainian economy.

Business rating

Business rating

Rating is a good incentive for the owners of business, since it can be used to demonstrate the attractiveness of the company to investors and allows partners to learn about the state of things in the company. By the results of the rating, are determined the companies with the best financial situation. Also the state of the enterprise, industry, region, and the dynamics of changes in the company for the previous period can be seen.

Each participating company is estimated at more than 50 different indicators of financial and statistical reporting. Also, only those companies can get the rating, which in addition to the purposes of a financial profit implement social programs, replenish the country’s budget, pension and social funds, create jobs, take care of their employees and the future of our country.

On the basis of statistical data, DEN cleaning company takes:

9th place in the top 40 (Gold) among the enterprises of Ukraine (by 4 nominations on financial and economic activities);

3rd place in the top 10 (Gold) among enterprises in Kiev (by 4 nominations on financial and economic activities).

Thus, DEN cleaning company has the right to be called «Industry Leader 2014».

Leadership position in the ranking of cleaning companies in Ukraine shows how the quality of our servicess offered to the clients leads us to the top!