DEN leads

At Saturday’s match on November 22nd, the DEN team, fighting with the team of Walzer, seized the initiative and took the ball under control from the first minute of the game. As a result of

Battle for victory

Battle for victory

several competent moves of our team players we managed to score two goals in the opponent’s net. In such a way, the first time ended with full advantage of our team.
In the second time the Walzer’ team organized a number of counterattacks, two of which embodied in the scoring moments and allowed to equal the score. DEN’ team had to power on all their additional reserves which brought us two unanswered goals.

In the course of the match there were frequent stops — attempting to put pressure at the DEN’ team Walzer made many petty fouls and their players frequently received fake injuries.
However, it was impossible to stop DEN this evening, so the team received a well-deserved victory.

DEN 4: 2 Walzer

After 4 rounds won, our team is a strong leader in the team ranking.
We thank the team players for the victory and the fans for great support!