«DEN»: on the way to the Major League!


On November 23rd, 2013, «DEN» football team once again has demonstrated their skills on the play-field. The competitors of our team were the «bankers» of «Prime» bank.

Despite the fact that the opposing team was unfamiliar to us, from the very first minutes of the match, the «DEN» team actively engaged with a ball on the other side of the field, not giving the opponents any chance of winning.

5-0 in favor of «DEN», with added another 3 points for a victory, significantly increased the team’s chances for reaching the Major League.

Heroes of the match:

• Eugene Varenitsa

• Wojciechowski Maxim

• Alexander Severinenko

• Ilya Bondarchuk

• Dmitri Gerasimenko

Hopefully, the results of the final of the next game will take our team in the Major League.