“DEN” on Treasure Island

Summer is the best time to spend an active leisure time on a fresh air. And even better – to spend this time actively with nice and friendly people somewhere in the forest, near the water.

That is why CEOs of cleaning company “DEN” have decided to take all employees to the shore of “Kyiv Sea”. Our staff is very friendly and sportive, so that was the reason for us to make that party for our colleagues full of adventures.


On Saturday, 8th of June, employees from our company were taken to the “Treasure Island” by a special transport. Guests were met by a team of pirates and some other island inhabitants who had involved employees into interesting adventure – searching for the treasures. So they had to take part in the quest which consisted of different games and activities after each, the team got another piece of map to find the treasure in the end. In the beginning all the participants were separated for 4 different teams, depending on what bandana color they had picked from witches hat. Then all teams went to the Oazis for different adventures and activities.


Every team had taken part very desperate to win the prize: they had to get known with the inhabitants (Sailor, Witch, Wiseman, One-eye pirate and Sorceress), who gave some tasks for our teams. Moreover, all the participants had to run among forest lanes, trying to get new pieces of treasure map to find the next quest stop. Our participants were very active, excited, and smart and had shown a real team spirit.


We couldn`t leave any team without a reward, so from the beginning we had hidden 4 chests with treasure. Treasure was sweet and philosophical – it was sweet figures (made from chocolate candies) and with a special meaning: the figure of a Bee – was a symbol of hard-working people; Bar-bell – a symbol of everyday endeavor while working in our company; a Heart —  showed an attitude of our colleagues to work and to the clients; a Cup – a symbol of victory. We all are one team, so we understand that company is working successfully only when its employees work hard, respect each other and their clients and also work very intensive to achieve great results!

After the quest all the participants were very happy and satisfied. During those few hours of quest, teams had become closer to each other and learned how to overcome the trials together.

Then we had a very tasty pirate dinner: fresh fish soup, made on fire in pot, rich kebab, salmon and some vegetables on grill. After everybody had a meal and became a bit  stronger, employees had started playing different games: darts, badminton, twister, water gun battle, volleyball and swimming which had become a great continuation of an active day. The best quest participants had got nice and funny presents and diplomas with funny nominations.

There was one more surprise as a useful entertainment: choreographers of Latin dance gave us the workshop about the newest and popular European dance – kizomba. Everybody was very excited about new dancing moves and after 30 minutes of training all the participants were able to dance with the choreographers.


The weather which had been very unpredictable for the last few weeks gave us a present that day: the sky was blue, bright and sunny. And in the evening all our big “DEN” family returned to Kyiv. We are glad to have such a great time with our colleagues and friends!


P.S.: A great thanks for the help in organizing this quest to:

Natalya Barabash – for tasty and rich day on the Island.

Viktor Harmash – for arranged place for leasure and for administrating the event.

Andrey Bodnenko, Sergey Lizynov, Vladimir Buryak, Valentin Bugaychyk-Sokol, Alexander Lazarchuk, Roman Haran’ko, Alexander Karpenko – for cleaning the territory, finding the “Treasure Island” and inventory delivery to the place.

Alexander Severinenko – for the help in organizing the event, musical support and playing the role of the Main Pirate on the Island.

Marketing department (Iryna Salogub, Anastasia Tumentseva, Nadezhda Grigoryeva, Tatyana Dashkeeva) – for the creativity, enthusiasm and a great job while organizing the event from the sole idea and until the evening, 8th!

Tatyana Zhurba – for the great appearance she had embodied.

And also Ivan Stratyichyk, Alla Klueva and Elena Smishko (the invited moderators) and for photographers: Alina Yagovkina, Anna Zenzina.