DEN — the great start!

On November, 1st the DEN soccer team once again became a participant of the tournament of Business League Cup.

Our rival on the field was the team of ABiP company.



The game started actively from the very beginning of the match, both teams performed well-planned attacks on goal, but the team of DEN cleaning company got ahead. The first time of the match may well have ended in a draw, if not Bondarchuk Ilya, the DEN team player who kicked the ball into the opponent’s gates on the 13th minute, opening the score.

In the second time, both teams began a tough game, in a short period of time the teams many times attacked the gates of each other, from the DEN’s side there was a lot of good moments, but the second goal of our team was brought by Kucuk Sergey who previously received a yellow card. The goal that brought victory to our team was scored from the penalty spot on 23 minute of the 2 time.

The final score of the match: 2-0 in favor of the DEN team.

We thank all the players of DEN team for the victory and pleasant start to the tournament!