DEN wins 5:1

Saturday’s match on November, 8th the DEN team had the honor to fight with a strong opponent, ProfremBud’ team.

Already in the first minute of the match the players of our team had a wonderful opportunity to open the score, but the ball hit the post. Almost the entire first half of the game was held on our side of the field, the ProfremBud team accomplished strong punch attacks and was literally «sitting» at the DEN’s gates. Despite the best efforts of opponents, the first goal of the game was scored by a DEN player Prischepa Rostislav, during the last-minute of the 1st time.

In the second time, our team actively leaded the game and with an interval of 2 minutes there were scored 3 more goals in the opponent’s gates, two of which belong to the Kostianoy Vadim.

At the 23rd minute the ProfremBud team attack resulted in a goal in DEN’ gates so the score of the game became 3:1.

However, DEN team did not stop and scored 2 goals on 24th and 28th minutes of the match. The last goal was scored by Voysehovskim Maxim from DEN from the penalty, providing our team with a winning score 5-1 in favor of DEN.

We thank our players and team ProfremBud for decent and beautiful game!