Eco-friendly city


The process of urbanization has reached its peak. Of course, people still tend to live in metropolises in search of better work conditions and comfortable life. But along with the trend of urbanization, many urban dwellers want to move back from the noisy and polluted cities to live in a more comfortable environment, in harmony with nature.

garden city

For this reason, the concept of “eco-city” have become a new fashion in city planning. This new type of cities is built separately, organized with maximum environmental friendliness: independent production of energy, waste management, water purification processes, and the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and grain crops, etc. An example of such ecological city can be a so-called “Garden city in China, and though now it is only a draft, but the authorities are ready to invest in it. The idea and planning is done by the French architect Vincent Caleb. The basic idea of ​​the city is a combination of city and countryside in one living area. Residents of the “Garden city” will live amid farmland, enjoying at a time all the benefits of civilization.

roof of an apartment house

Extraordinary modern architecture of the city is very functional and environmentally friendly. All the houses are “self-sufficient”: solar panels on their surface are able to accumulate large amounts of energy, while consuming less energy than they produce, so there is an opportunity to accumulate it. Then the surplus energy can be used for charging electric vehicles, which will be the main type of transport of the city, as well as bicycles. The “Garden city” will purify water and deal with waste by itself.

Another innovation is the usage of special sea weed that will cover the surface of the houses. It will produce bio-hydrogen, which can be collected and effectively used as a fuel.

City will be built on the principle that all spare surfaces on roofs and houses will be arranged into gardens and orchards. Glass design will blend effortlessly with a green landscape.

Yet the specific timetable for the completion of construction and settlement is not set, but the possibility of constructing such cities in future guarantees a new round of rescue the planet’s ecology.