General cleaning before living the maternity house

When Your family becomes bigger it brings home happiness but it also brings a lot of new pleasant cares. Home will be rearranged: new furniture, toys, and special household appliances. It is a great event when a new member of a family is coming from a maternity house, so You should be prepared forehand.

Apartment or house is going to be the whole world for a child for quite a long period of time, where he or she will spend a lot of time. That is why it is so important to prepare the  living space for the baby before he or she and mother will actually return home from a maternity house.


First thing that needs to be done – is the general house cleaning. This work should be done ONLY by professionals. There are several reasons to hire professional cleaners to do the general cleaning:

— dirt, dust and bad bacteria could be in places where only professional equipment can reach;

— little babies have a high sensibility to everything that is around.

That is why during this period it is very important to protect baby from allergy. Professional cleaners from “DEN” company know which detergents and chemical agents can be used for general cleaning before leaving the maternity house and which will not cause an allergy.

The best time for doing the general cleaning is a week period when mother and a child are in the maternity house. Moreover, while baby is not at home it is possible to use different chemical agents. When baby is already at home, it is better to avoid using aggressive detergents.

“DEN” cleaning company provides a special general cleaning service for accommodations before leaving the maternity house. Our professionals know very well how to organize premise cleaning where baby is going to be a new resident soon. Specialists can remove all kinds of impurities from different surfaces; neutralize acaroids and fungus; remove dust that during many years could exist in difficult places to reach.

Advantages of general cleaning service from “DEN” cleaning company before leaving the maternity house:

  • We assure total purity in Your house;
  • We save Your time and money;
  • Our cleaning service will do NO harm for Your baby;
  • We will do the cleaning in the most convenient time for You.

Cleanness in the house – is a guarantee of health of Your family, and health should be committed to professionals!

Sincerely Yours, “DEN” cleaning company.