How DEN won the match

May 27, company «DEN» invited their partners ‘Yanet’ to take part in a friendly match, which was at the Kiev stadium. Match results: «Den» 8:3 «Yanet». We are won. This is a great chance for employees to distract from the office work and establish relationships with colleagues.

It all started with a poster on the door in the office «DEN», morning of May 27, in which all employees were invited to participate at 15.00 in the above-mentioned event.

For the «DEN» it is not the first match and not the first victory. The company regularly takes part in inter-corporate matches. At the office you can see a few shelves crammed with cups for participation and winning.

In fact, team «DEN» has a long history, they have weekly training sessions. It is the pride of the company in team-building, which is very popular now.

Any modern company aspire to improve their teambuilding. Therefore, for direction is matter proverb «in healthy body – healthy mind.» They wish strengthen team spirit with helping of team play.

Information about the company «DEN»

«DEN» — is a diversified, dynamic company, with more than a ten-years of experience providing a wide range of cleaning services. The company’s mission — to improve lives through the provision of quality services cleaning.

In their daily work cleaning company «DEN» constantly implements initiatives of corporate social responsibility (CSR), in which occupies an important place realization of the program «Green Office», organization of corporate volunteering, providing comfortable working conditions for staff, professional development of young professionals, sports events for employees company.