Cleaning company, «DEN» participated in a roundtable «Safety and environmental care products for home»

May 17 representatives of the cleaning company «DEN» take part in a round table «Safety and environmental care products for home» initiated by the company «Amway». The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the problem of access to safe facilities for the care of the house, solutions this problem. The information base for the conference were collected by research company «InMind».

The discussion touched upon issues of public awareness about household chemical safety, impact on human health and the environment, the role of business in addressing this issue, government regulation of environmental standards for home care.

Deep enough was touched theme of necessary to stimulate demand for the use of environmentally safe household chemicals as a result, manufacturers of home care will have to respond appropriately to the product offering.

«We need to expand the eco-oriented segment of the business» — said the leading specialist of the development of a cleaning company, «DEN» Maxim Balakin. — «Employees of a cleaning company, «Dan» supports this line of socially responsible business, using in the provision of cleaning services only those household products that meet environmental standards.»

The outcome of the roundtable was to consider a mechanism to address this problem, namely: the formation of a proper understanding consequences of lack of attention to issues of domestic phosphate resources, water pollution and biodegradability.