We started to publish our corporate newspaper

выпуск корпоративной газеты

In common «DEN» and «UFM-Group» started to publish a newspaper called “Clean Business” in the begining of July. This corporate name have two explaning (meaning):this name has a stress on cleaning trand of the company, also this name give us assosiations with responsibility and conscientiously way of doing business.

This newspaper-is something like a component of corporate culture of a company. It’s goal-to strengthen a team spirit and to give opportinity for workers to know each other better. But the main aim of this newspaper is to give information about the company goal and the way how they planing to achieve this goal.

The company is going to produse this newspaper once a two mounth. It has several permanent rubrics for example “News”, “Human capital”, “Photoalbum”, “Developments”. Also it has some temporary rubrics such as “Initiative”, “Outside”, “Your questions — Our answers”, “Innovations”.

Using PR-instruments and working on team spirit during the working procces-competitive advantage whih allows to improve the work quality and contributes a leader position in certain market segment.