The New Face of DEN

Новый облик ДЕН

The employees DEN will appear in a new guise. By careful selection of contractors and the active performance of the marketing department our company has developed and realized a new design of working clothes.

The first stage of the project «New uniform» was a contest of sketches of talented young designers. The best were graduates of the Kiev National University of Technologies and Design Uliana Kozachok from Ivano-Frankivsk. The Uliana’s draft was fully met the requirements of technical specifications to form modern design, aesthetics, ergonomics, as well as resistance to operational risks.

After there we have been selected three leading sewing companies which took part in competition. The 4th June our employees have demonstrated the new uniform for CEOs and other managers. This showing caused debates because there were some differences of examples of different companies. As a result we have selected mix of the best examples of different companies.

We thanks Vladimir Buriak, Lizunov Sergey, Eugenia Bastrykina, Nemykina Valeri for assistance in the show.