Air HES produces water and energy from Heaven The question of water conservation on our planet is very serious, so the scientists are trying to elaborate more effective ways of getting clean water for the needs of the population. However, the system which we will describe now is created not only to provide the population with water «from the air», but also produces electricity. »»»  »»»
Landfills displace people from cities In the process of increasing urbanization, population growth and rising consumer demand, companies produce more and more goods, which sometimes are completely useless or have a short time of use. In big cities one resident creates, on average, 300-380 kgs of waste per year. The average Ukrainian creates 200-250 kgs. Several years ago, the British newspaper “Financial Times” called the Ukrainian... »»»
Eco-friendly city   The process of urbanization has reached its peak. Of course, people still tend to live in metropolises in search of better work conditions and comfortable life. But along with the trend of urbanization, many urban dwellers want to move back from the noisy and polluted cities to live in a more comfortable environment, in harmony with nature. »»»  »»»
DEN is celebrating the Constitution Day of Ukraine! On June, 28th Ukrainian people celebrate the Constitution Day. The Ukrainian constitution is a mail law, acting in Ukraine, which determines the basic principles of living in the society. It has to be mentioned, that Ukrainian constitution is one of the most »»»  »»»
Happy Victory Day!   There’s no other day of the year in which the joy is mixed with sadness. On this beautiful day in May we celebrate the event, which stopped the bloodiest period of the 20th century — the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War. »»»  »»»
Snow removal from the adjacent territory   Snow always gives us a pleasant winter mood because of fluffy white snowdrifts and snow caps on the trees. However for the employees of public services snow is traditionally unexpected and its complete removal is difficult to achieve. Road accidents, icicles hanging from the roofs, blocked entrances to commercial facilities, icy sidewalks and doorsteps are familiar consequences of winter snowfall. ... »»»
Professional cleaning of hotels and hostels   The basis of successful hospitality in hotels and hostels is cleanliness. After all, the hotel room is a second home for the guests for certain period of time. And of course, this house should be clean. Therefore, owners and managers of hotels should understand that to the maintenance of cleanliness no less attention must be paid than to the interior design and staff recruitment. »»»  »»»
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