Congratulations on the New Year-2014!   Cleaning company «DEN» wishes you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Let the new 2014 year be full of luck, health and happiness! Let every of 365 days be happy for you, full of positive emotions, kindness and warmth. »»»  »»»
Do magic is easy   On the eve of the New Year, more and more we want to believe in miracles, to share good and make each other happy. That’s why cleaning company «DEN» in these fabulous days wants to join the good charitable deeds. Our good partners, an international public organization «Na vstrechu mechte», organized an unforgettable New Year’s gift for the winners of the festival... »»»
«DEN»: on the way to the Major League!   On November 23rd, 2013, «DEN» football team once again has demonstrated their skills on the play-field. The competitors of our team were the «bankers» of «Prime» bank. Despite the fact that the opposing team was unfamiliar to us, from the very first minutes of the match, the «DEN» team actively engaged with a ball on the other side of the field, not giving... »»»
«DEN» has celebrated its 13 years’ anniversary   Celebration of the 13th birthday of «DEN» was held in a warm and festive atmosphere. The whole team was shifted to the country town N, in the times of the leaders of the nobility and merchants:).The anniversary was celebrated in style of unforgettable novel by Ilf and Petrov «12 chairs». Though, in our version there was 13 chairs, because «DEN» employees celebrated... »»»
Congratulations to the 13th anniversary of cleaning company «DEN»!       13 years ago the Ukrainian market was entered by a new player — cleaning company «DEN». The DEN «ship» with a small crew began its journey in the ocean of business. During the period of our work, there were hundreds of victories and arduous battles, so that today «DEN» has a huge «fleet» of professionals in cleaning business. »»»  »»»
Big things start with small beginnings   Charity and social responsibility of business is becoming more popular and widespread. Company executives give money and other resources not just for goods but to form the image of a company which cares for the society, which is responsible and which does the charity. »»»  »»»
St Valentine`s Day in DEN company   St Valentine`s Day – is one of the most romantic holidays of the year. Lovers all over the world share Valentine`s cards, presents and make love expressions. Romantic atmosphere fills everything around. This holiday had also been celebrated in DEN cleaning company. »»»  »»»
General cleaning before living the maternity house When Your family becomes bigger it brings home happiness but it also brings a lot of new pleasant cares. Home will be rearranged: new furniture, toys, and special household appliances. It is a great event when a new member of a family is coming from a maternity house, so You should be prepared forehand. »»»  »»»
Sparking start of the new football season   On 15th July there was held a friendly football match between the teams of the cleaning company «DEN» and the company «Becker-Ukraine». The game took place at the stadium «Zirka». Teams are old rivals, and this match was an important rehearsal for the coming sports season of the Corporate Cup, in which the both companies traditionally take part. The game was active... »»»
His Majesty the Order in “DEN” company office In the main office of “DEN” cleaning company everything has become cleaner and brighter. We are more than anybody else are thinking that the cleanness at workplace makes more comfortable conditions to work effectively and to have a good mood! “DEN” mobile cleaning team made a comprehension office cleaning which included synthetic carpeting cleaning, windows washing, dust removal from furniture... »»»
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