“DEN” on Treasure Island Summer is the best time to spend an active leisure time on a fresh air. And even better – to spend this time actively with nice and friendly people somewhere in the forest, near the water. That is why CEOs of cleaning company “DEN” have decided to take all employees to the shore of “Kyiv Sea”. Our staff is very friendly and sportive, so that was the reason for us to make that party for our... »»»
Qualification testing of personnel The main strength of “DEN” cleaning company is its staff, from the professionalism and qualification level of which our company`s success depends on. That is why we do everything possible to help our employees to grow professionally and to raise their knowledge and skills. So that is why we are organizing regular workshops and trainings where leading specialists from our company share their experience... »»»
Raising our employees qualifications   The main resource and strength of “DEN” cleaning company is its employees. We know that our staff is very professional and among them are a lot of specialists in cleaning sphere. We evaluate every our employee and we try to create the most comfortable conditions, so they will are able to grow professionally and self-actualize. That is why in our Staff Development Program we are teaching... »»»
Competent opinion   The leader`s opinion is always important and valuable. So this is a common thing that leading business editions while writing their articles ask for some comments from CEO of the company while this company is usually the leading company in a particular business field. »»»  »»»
DEN for the purity of the arts DEN made its small but important contribution to the development of something beautiful. The work of this cleaning company is not limited to the usual cleaning of commercial and private buildings. DEN employees recently found that the Kiev National Academic Theatre of Operetta was in need of cleaning and restoration. The stage, curtains, decorations, and velvet covering all were in need of professional... »»»
The New Face of DEN The employees DEN will appear in a new guise. By careful selection of contractors and the active performance of the marketing department our company has developed and realized a new design of working clothes. »»»  »»»
New Year’s «Clean Business» New Year have come, and with it the New Year’s fourth edition of corporate newspaper «Clean business». This celebration — a bright and cheerful, just such news of our company are in newspaper: social programs UFM group in the area of labor relations are the best in Ukraine; reviews our co-workers about 11th Birthday-party our cleaning company DEN, witch celebrated in mafia style. ... »»»
The third edition of «Clean business» In the third issue of corporate newspaper «Clean Business» you will find a lot of interesting and new information about DEN. In particular, you will know the results and photoreports from International cleaning forum in which we participated. You will see our engineer Sergei Lizunov in an unusual manner. Will know about new «Harchevnia» in Brovary and other successes of the company.  »»»
11th DEN birthday — Mafia in Mafia November 27 the company celebrated 11th DEN birthday. The event was held at the restaurant mafia. The format was an unusual: gangsters 20’s and 30’s. It’s nice that the staff gladly accepted the idea of a mafia in the evening and came in dress code. »»»  »»»
DEN & Champions League Cup Cleaning company DEN became an official partner of the Cleaning Trophy of the Champions League (UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour), held October 2-3 in Kiev on October 9 in Donetsk. Guide in the process of cleaning at the event were carried out by Dmitriy Byalovetskiy (Kiev) and Viktor Ivanov (Donetsk). »»»  »»»
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