Professional cleaning of hotels and hostels


The basis of successful hospitality in hotels and hostels is cleanliness. After all, the hotel room is a second home for the guests for certain period of time. And of course, this house should be clean. Therefore, owners and managers of hotels should understand that to the maintenance of cleanliness no less attention must be paid than to the interior design and staff recruitment.

Organization of regular cleaning of the hotel is quite a complex and costly process. You need to solve the issues of personnel search and recruitment: find maids, cleaners, managers who will perform a quality control of cleaning, to order a uniform for employees. In addition, you should have to make trainings for the staff to keep cleaning works carried out at the required level of quality. Also, you’ll have to buy all the necessary professional cleaning equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, polishers. You also need to establish a system of regular supplies of detergents and chemicals, equipment, components for toilets, etc. As a conclusion, creation of your own cleaning service is a long and complicated process that requires implementation of a competent knowledge of the nuances of professional cleaning.

But there is an alternative to maintain a high level of cleanliness in your hotel – to order services of a professional cleaning company. Calling to the cleaning service, you’ll free yourself from all the hassle of organizing the cleaning. But the choice of cleaning company must be responsible. Not all companies have sufficient experience and qualifications to organize the process of quality cleaning in the hotel. Cleaning company «DEN» for many years serves large objects throughout the Ukraine, including hotels and hostels. Our staff is prepared for cleaning hotels of all size, in our arsenal we have all the necessary equipment and tools.

We can offer you different forms of cooperation:

— Perform cleaning after construction if the hotel prepares for commissioning or repair it passed;

— Arrange a single general cleaning;

Periodically conduct general cleaning to maintain an appropriate level of cleanliness;

Organize a cleaning service in your hotel “from 0” (daily service with a permanent staff);

— Perform one-time cleaning services for hotel chain or single hotel.

Calling to the cleaning company «DEN», you are guaranteed with high-quality professional cleaning services. Make your hotel even more attractive to customers!

Sincerely yours,

Cleaning company DEN.