Qualification testing of personnel

The main strength of “DEN” cleaning company is its staff, from the professionalism and qualification level of which our company`s success depends on. That is why we do everything possible to help our employees to grow professionally and to raise their knowledge and skills. So that is why we are organizing regular workshops and trainings where leading specialists from our company share their experience and knowledge with managers and other employees.

But every learning process requires the feedback and control. That is why we have developed the system of testing of our employees. After studying, our managers had some time to learn all the information more careful and to achieve new practical skills. On 22-nd of March, 2013 we have done that knowledge control – the testing of our cleaning personnel. Special committee was created which consisted of executive management leaders.


An important motivation in preparation for the exams was the awarding of the best managers by the results of testing. 3 best employees, whose knowledge was rated by committee as the highest, have got the rewards at the next teaching conference which was held in the middle of May, 2013. Here is a list of those managers who has got the highest points on testing:

1 place – O.A. Khvedchuk with the average point «5+»;

2 place – А. Umantcev — the average point «5»;

3 place — I.V. Petrenko — the average point «4,9».

There were 7 more managers, who demonstrated a high knowledge level in cleaning field, by results of testing. They were announced on conference in May: V.A. Lagoshyn, A. G. Lysenko, V.G. Samusenko, V.V. Vanda, S.Y. Bondarenko, A.V. Danylova, A.S. Bryleva.

For those employees, who weren`t able to pass the test successfully, we gave a chance to pass the test again on 22d of April (one month later after the first try). Second testing round gives a chance to prepare more carefully and to put more attention to tough topics.

The results of testing had shown the executive managers an objective situation in the field of employees’ knowledge in the cleaning sphere. Test results made us to organize practical trainings inside the company for the managers of business development department (“Roshen” factory and trade center “Ukraine”). Thank to this, employees from the office were able to see the practical side of work in the company and to get practical working skills in different areas of cleaning.

Also, for the employees of business development department will be organized a special training, dedicated to sales technologies and successful deal making, all the other managers will take part in a workshop, which will be in May, about working with present clients.

“DEN” cleaning company plans to hold the training event regularly that is why in May 2013 we are organizing another training conference: “Innovations in cleaning field”.

By training and testing of our employees` theoretical knowledge and practical skills, we can guarantee our clients the high quality of service provided. By our sustainable work, we are promoting the intensive development of “DEN” cleaning company.