Raising our employees qualifications


The main resource and strength of “DEN” cleaning company is its employees. We know that our staff is very professional and among them are a lot of specialists in cleaning sphere. We evaluate every our employee and we try to create the most comfortable conditions, so they will are able to grow professionally and self-actualize. That is why in our Staff Development Program we are teaching our employees and enriching their knowledge in cleaning sphere.

“DEN” cleaning company holds trainings for its staff regularly, by organizing different workshops and master classes, so employees can enrich their experience and learn something new from the speakers and to share the information among each other. Even more, executive management is always ready to invest in knowledge to raise employees` professionalism. That is why the staff from the central office regularly goes for different workshops and seminars outside the company.

Modern business concept

The latest event our employees had been to, was business workshop “Technologies of effective selling”. Two employees took part in that workshop. Victoria Berezina was the moderator, coach and consultant for staff management.

While 2-day workshop, our employees had a chance to get new theoretical skills and also try them in real life on practice. Interactive approach in giving the theory had made it easier to understand and first skills were taken in with a help of game type of process. That made the workshop emotionally rich.

Our employees went back to the office being much inspired after the workshop and told everybody some interesting facts and know-how’s. Also, they have started being more enthusiastic with practical implementation of new skills.  Now they can use different tactics and even special tricks in their everyday work.
We are very glad that our employees are developing professionally, that’s why our company has the solid base for growth in future. We will surely continue this Program with organizing other training events and raising employees’ qualification level, so that there are only most effective and skilled people in our company!