Social Initiative DEN — «Need for talents»

In the spring of 2011 company «DEN» has created a unique program «Need for talents». Employees, including directors, marketing workers, financiers, analysts, technicians hired talented young people for practice in a cleaning company «DEN».

At this stage of development, company decided to expand activities in the corporate responsibility. In this regard, the leadership, «DEN» initiated a new direction — a social program «Need for talents».

The purpose of the program is the professional development of young professionals — students of ukrainian universities.

We have already said with certainty about the success of this social initiative. There were a lot of talented guys in Kiev, who want to gain experience in successful companies.

This program helps students to practice, to check and consolidate their theoretical knowledge. For their work guys receive scholarships of 1,000 grn. per month. A schedule of trainees depending on their academic schedules.

Participant of program «Need for talents» student Mary Maydukova: «Than you, «DEN «, for this opportunity to express ourselves, to gain valuable experience. This program is really important for young people and society in general.»

«DEN» strive to make social responsibility principle of work. The Company believes it is important and necessary to participate in the development of Ukrainian society.

Information about the company, «DEN»:

«DEN» — is a diversified, dynamic company, with more than a ten-years of experience providing a wide range of cleaning services. The company’s mission — to improve lives through the provision of quality services cleaning.

In their daily work cleaning company «DEN» constantly implements initiatives of corporate social responsibility (CSR), in which occupies an important place realization of the program «Green Office», organization of corporate volunteering, providing comfortable working conditions for staff, professional development of young professionals, sports events for employees company.