Sparking start of the new football season


On 15th July there was held a friendly football match between the teams of the cleaning company «DEN» and the company «Becker-Ukraine». The game took place at the stadium «Zirka».
Teams are old rivals, and this match was an important rehearsal for the coming sports season of the Corporate Cup, in which the both companies traditionally take part. The game was active and dynamic, and the members of both teams were very active through all game time. But after the game, it became clear, that «Becker» team should pay more attention to training. The match ended with a score of 15:1 in favor of the cleaning company «DEN».

This time, the result was clear from the first minutes of the game — «DEN» team was clearly stronger. Perhaps, the active support of «DEN» fans who had gathered in the stands helped the team a lot.
Nevertheless, we do not praise highly our athletes. Our players will soon start the season where they will have a lot of games, the results of which will be very important. The team’s goal this year is to become a champion in the tournament for Corporate Cup. And so it is too early to relax.
We wish both teams outstanding games, beautiful wins and worthy opponents!
Cincerely yours, «DEN» cleaning company.