St Valentine`s Day in DEN company


St Valentine`s Day – is one of the most romantic holidays of the year. Lovers all over the world share Valentine`s cards, presents and make love expressions. Romantic atmosphere fills everything around. This holiday had also been celebrated in DEN cleaning company.

Beginning from the morning our office changed a lot: like clouds heart-shaped balloons were hanging under the ceilings everywhere. Every employee who entered the office started smiling and liked it a lot.


And of course, there could be no holiday if there was no music. Romantic songs about love gave a good mood for everybody, and familiar sound of printing on a keyboard was changed for beloved melodies about love from 80s. Fairy atmosphere was added with predictions on a paper that employees had taken out of big Valentine box filled with candies when they entered the office.


But the main part of our holiday was a cake. A big heart with the DEN logo on it made everybody happy with its look and amazing taste!
A lot of positive and romance from the morning made all of us work good and smart and have a great mood. We hope that the evening of St Valentine`s Day was very nice for our employees and they spent it with their closest and beloved people.