Your furniture is in professionals’ hands   Nice soft furniture is an inherent part of every house and office. Regular and professional cleaning will help your furniture to look good. To not damage the structure with the wrong detergents, it is better to call professionals who can find correct detergents and cleaning equipment. »»»  »»»
Who needs cleaning service?   All big enterprises such as supermarkets, banks, underground parking, hotels, stadiums, trade centers, malls need everyday help of a cleaning company. But this is not the whole list of clients, because today offices, flats and houses need specialists of cleaning service. »»»  »»»
Crystallizing and right care for marble and granite floor The word “marble” is translated from Greek as “shining stone”. Because of its bright shine a lot of halls and lobbies are decorated with this stone. Marble is a roach, which consists of calcite and dolomite, and can also have both of these minerals in its structure. »»»  »»»
Hotel cleaning   Cleaning company, while working with hotels, becomes a service partner, because separate business is built on successful satisfying third person needs. To reach the intended effect, cleaning hotel halls and room numbers should be done with taking into account the client’s interest. To not disturb the guests, cleaning should be done fast, all the surfaces should be divided for local parts and... »»»
Сleaning windows is easy! For some people cleaning a window might be a problem, for the others – it is not a problem at all. If you do a window washing hard you can get fast and effective result. you need to buy in any household shop a special tool for the glass, which is called wiper. It is better and more comfortable in use while doing all works connected with regular window wiping, instead of using cloth or papers. »»»  »»»
Sparking start of the new football season   On 15th July there was held a friendly football match between the teams of the cleaning company «DEN» and the company «Becker-Ukraine». The game took place at the stadium «Zirka». Teams are old rivals, and this match was an important rehearsal for the coming sports season of the Corporate Cup, in which the both companies traditionally take part. The game was active... »»»
Supermarket cleaning Firstly, supermarket – is a huge store of products and other goods.  Exactly off the supermarket and hypermarket shelf food goes right to the customers` tables and fridges. How the “food house” should look like, so that mothers won`t be scared to buy there something for their children? »»»  »»»
Summer and spring — is a great time to clean fronts and show-cases! Summer has already come! All the nature around has become more beautiful and fresh: trees and bushes became green and blooming, the carpet of green grass has decorated parks and parkways. Cities became more jungle-looking because of new grass and trees. But there are not many parks on city territory, 80-90% of a city – is a residential realty and commercial real estate. »»»  »»»
His Majesty the Order in “DEN” company office In the main office of “DEN” cleaning company everything has become cleaner and brighter. We are more than anybody else are thinking that the cleanness at workplace makes more comfortable conditions to work effectively and to have a good mood! “DEN” mobile cleaning team made a comprehension office cleaning which included synthetic carpeting cleaning, windows washing, dust removal from furniture... »»»
Logistics centers and storages cleaning Talking about business based on manufacturing, we mean manufacturing centers like factories, sections, administrative centers (offices) and trade areas (shops, supermarkets). But there is one more segment of each manufacturing process – the logistics centers and storages. All goods from these places that go to the stores or to the other places should be safe (not spoiled) for quite a long time. When... »»»
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