7 plants that can clean the air in your home Did you know that the air in the apartment sometimes is more dirty than at the street, where it’s filled with car exhaust emission gasses?! Furniture made of plastic and wood chipboard, paint, linoleum, household appliances, various detergents and cleaning chemicals get «thrown» into the air of your home is the form of formaldehyde, benzene, nitrogen, phenol, ammonia, and it is not the... »»»
Desert City for the Planet In the footsteps of the famous architect of 70s, Paolo Soleri, 2 Architectural Design companies from France have combined their efforts for an unprecedented project — construction of a mega-city Arcology in the Sahara. Project Title — La Tour des Sables — means a «tower in the sand.» About 500 meters up — this high the city will grow over the desert sands. City-Tower... »»»
How different signs of the zodiac put out the garbage If Aries suddenly founds in his home a bag with garbage, it all will result in a general cleaning. One half of the things would be put neatly in the wardrobe and on the shelves, and the rest will go in the trash. By the way, after making a total purity in the house, he will find in the far corner that very package, from which it all started. The appearance of package, full of garbage will offensively... »»»
GiraDora — mechanical washing machine Many people know that for those living in poverty such familiar things to all residents of the developed countries, as electricity and household appliances, is a luxury. Thus, for the residents of Peru (and not only) the hand washing is still relevant, especially in families with many children. The housewives in these families are hand-washing up to 5 times per week and about 6 hours (!) per day. Washing... »»»
DEN’s again at the TOP! It was reported officially that according to the results of National Economic performance rating of enterprises in Ukraine, the DEN Cleaning company had been awarded the status of «Leader of the industry-2015». Leader of the industry-2015 »»»  »»»
Portable air quality sensor checker If you want to find the area with the cleanest air, then you need of TZOA, the compact and very useful portable sensor which is testing the quality of air. TZOA »»»  »»»
DEN opened the summer! Previous weekend for the DEN Cleaning Company was marked by the summer corporate party on the bank of Kiev Sea. And though shortly before it was raining, a good weather for the event was “booked” in advance — bright sun, warm sand and water pleased us all day. »»»  »»»
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