Fabulous victory This Sunday DEN soccer team once again came out on the field. At this time, our rival for victory was the team of BudmonsteR-Akvilon company. At the beginning of the match DEN tactically gave the initiative to the opponent, in order to act «number two» (transition from defense tactics to a quick counterattacks). However, mastering the initiative, the BudmonsteR team did not create dangerous... »»»
Clear victory 1:0 At Saturday’s match the football team of DEN cleaning company converged in a fight with a team of cleaning company Impel Griffin. DEN-n Impel Griffin »»»  »»»
How one should wash the car in the winter? In recent years, car owners mostly avoid car washing service, preferring to provide the purity of the car by themselves. Somebody does this in order to save money, somebody likes to take care of their property by themselves, polishing shiny surface with cloth. »»»  »»»
DEN leads At Saturday’s match on November 22nd, the DEN team, fighting with the team of Walzer, seized the initiative and took the ball under control from the first minute of the game. As a result of Battle for victory »»»  »»»
DEN  takes the victory Saturday’s match DEN — Datastream started very actively and rapidly; our players attacked the opponent from the first minute of the game, but to score a goal was not so easy — the opposing team, in turn, showed a good, high-quality defense. Datastream team opened the scoring with a goal in DEN’s gate at the 5th minute of the game. But soon, the players of our team played back the... »»»
5 important tips that will change your attitude to the general cleaning Autumn is time of general cleaning and preparation of residential or office premises for the long winter period. Typically, during the summer, indoors accumulate a huge amount of dust that needs to be removed before the winter comes, when the windows are opened rarely, to breathe inside freely and easily. »»»  »»»
DEN wins 5:1 Saturday’s match on November, 8th the DEN team had the honor to fight with a strong opponent, ProfremBud’ team. Already in the first minute of the match the players of our team had a wonderful opportunity to open the score, but the ball hit the post. Almost the entire first half of the game was held on our side of the field, the ProfremBud team accomplished strong punch attacks and was literally... »»»
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