In London an “organi Ecological house made up from garbagec skyscraper” soon will appear. This eco-friendly giant will be completely built from recycled waste. The residential tower will be built of plastic, of course, recycled. After construction of the «skeleton» of the building, panels will be sheathed by 100% recycled materials — paper and plastic. »»»  »»»
Landfills displace people from cities In the process of increasing urbanization, population growth and rising consumer demand, companies produce more and more goods, which sometimes are completely useless or have a short time of use. In big cities one resident creates, on average, 300-380 kgs of waste per year. The average Ukrainian creates 200-250 kgs. Several years ago, the British newspaper “Financial Times” called the Ukrainian... »»»
The cleanest country in the world   Where nowadays live is safe? Which countries promote ecology and health-living? Not only people, but also scientists from around the world continue asking these questions. To answer them, the annual rankings of the cleanest countries in the world are accomplished. The environmental situation in 140 selected countries was analyzed for a variety of criteria: water quality, soil contamination levels,... »»»
Penalties on Pledge of Purity!   Everyone understands how important it is to maintain cleanliness, not to throw away litter in the streets and to be a responsible citizen. But, nevertheless, visiting foreign countries, we often are stunned with an incredible purity in some of them, while others are deterred with mess and dumps of garbage right on the streets and in public places. »»»  »»»
Eco-friendly city   The process of urbanization has reached its peak. Of course, people still tend to live in metropolises in search of better work conditions and comfortable life. But along with the trend of urbanization, many urban dwellers want to move back from the noisy and polluted cities to live in a more comfortable environment, in harmony with nature. »»»  »»»
Garbage collection in different countries   Rubbish has long been a global problem: its overabundance leads to dire consequences facing the planet. Therefore, in each country people are trying to minimize the amount of garbage, using various methods. Garbage collection is an effective way to reduce waste, moreover — it saves resources for the production of new materials. Each country has its own system of recycling waste. »»»  »»»
DEN is celebrating the Constitution Day of Ukraine! On June, 28th Ukrainian people celebrate the Constitution Day. The Ukrainian constitution is a mail law, acting in Ukraine, which determines the basic principles of living in the society. It has to be mentioned, that Ukrainian constitution is one of the most »»»  »»»
Orchard and a children’s garden in the center of Kiev   Very original replacement of a waste dump appeared recently in the center of Kiev. At St. Michael’s Street, instead of an abandoned waste landfill, which for several years had been a so-called «decoration» of one of the courtyards of the street, sprung an orchard in the memory of «Heaven’s hundred». The territory of a half-hectare was assumed for the construction... »»»
Anti allergens cleaning   Your home is your safest place. For each person house is a place where there is warmth and comfort, here we relax after a hard working day. And of course we don’t want to suffer from allergies at our home. Many people suffer such unpleasant disease as allergies from: wool, dust, fungus, acarides and more. Pathogens such as dust, fungus, acarides live in your house as permanent neighbors. Another... »»»
Mediterranean-sized Cleaning   The all-familiar cleaning could be done in truly gigantic proportions, such as the seaside! Mediterranean region, which has dozens of countries on the coast, is one of the world’s most popular vacation spot. Annually millions of tourists come there. Because of so many travelers, for example, the number of microplastics exceeds the amount of plankton in the water. The authorities of individual... »»»
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