Garbage collection on Earth orbit   The problem of excess waste in the world has found a planetary character nowadays. From debris is suffering not only our planet, but also the Space. It would seem that the place in space is abound, but today, on the orbit of the Earth fly tons of garbage. NASA employees had developed an apparatus for cleaning waste, coming from orbital human activity. Actually, the idea of creating such a device... »»»
Happy Victory Day!   There’s no other day of the year in which the joy is mixed with sadness. On this beautiful day in May we celebrate the event, which stopped the bloodiest period of the 20th century — the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War. »»»  »»»
Snow removal from the adjacent territory   Snow always gives us a pleasant winter mood because of fluffy white snowdrifts and snow caps on the trees. However for the employees of public services snow is traditionally unexpected and its complete removal is difficult to achieve. Road accidents, icicles hanging from the roofs, blocked entrances to commercial facilities, icy sidewalks and doorsteps are familiar consequences of winter snowfall. ... »»»
Choosing a cleaning company — how to avoid mistakes and find a reliable partner   Cleaning services in recent years has become increasingly popular among large enterprises in Ukraine. Banks, factories, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels are using more often services of specialists in this field. Typically cleaning companies offer a fairly wide range of services: cleaning of any complexity of objects of any size — from a small apartment or a simple carpet cleaning to... »»»
Professional cleaning of hotels and hostels   The basis of successful hospitality in hotels and hostels is cleanliness. After all, the hotel room is a second home for the guests for certain period of time. And of course, this house should be clean. Therefore, owners and managers of hotels should understand that to the maintenance of cleanliness no less attention must be paid than to the interior design and staff recruitment. »»»  »»»
Congratulations on the New Year-2014!   Cleaning company «DEN» wishes you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Let the new 2014 year be full of luck, health and happiness! Let every of 365 days be happy for you, full of positive emotions, kindness and warmth. »»»  »»»
Do magic is easy   On the eve of the New Year, more and more we want to believe in miracles, to share good and make each other happy. That’s why cleaning company «DEN» in these fabulous days wants to join the good charitable deeds. Our good partners, an international public organization «Na vstrechu mechte», organized an unforgettable New Year’s gift for the winners of the festival... »»»
«DEN»: on the way to the Major League!   On November 23rd, 2013, «DEN» football team once again has demonstrated their skills on the play-field. The competitors of our team were the «bankers» of «Prime» bank. Despite the fact that the opposing team was unfamiliar to us, from the very first minutes of the match, the «DEN» team actively engaged with a ball on the other side of the field, not giving... »»»
«DEN» has celebrated its 13 years’ anniversary   Celebration of the 13th birthday of «DEN» was held in a warm and festive atmosphere. The whole team was shifted to the country town N, in the times of the leaders of the nobility and merchants:).The anniversary was celebrated in style of unforgettable novel by Ilf and Petrov «12 chairs». Though, in our version there was 13 chairs, because «DEN» employees celebrated... »»»
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