Congratulations to the 13th anniversary of cleaning company «DEN»!       13 years ago the Ukrainian market was entered by a new player — cleaning company «DEN». The DEN «ship» with a small crew began its journey in the ocean of business. During the period of our work, there were hundreds of victories and arduous battles, so that today «DEN» has a huge «fleet» of professionals in cleaning business. »»»  »»»
Cleaning the office   Nowadays most offices of the companies need to be cleaned on everyday basis that is why cleaning service is one of the most popular. There are lots of people who visit the office every day and it is very important to give a good first impression of visiting the office. The good impression of the office depends on clean and not dusty rooms, floor, and neat furniture in the office. »»»  »»»
«Steam wins it all!»   The world around us has enough threats for the health, and this is an obvious fact. Day by day people stop using chemical detergents in household cleaning. There is nothing unusual because chemical influence is one of the most harmful for human`s health, which has been already influenced badly by different negative effects. »»»  »»»
Having a washing vacuum cleaner at home   Home carpeting and soft furniture usually gets very dirty because of dust and dirt on the top. To do the deep cleaning You will need a washing vacuum cleaner as soon as regular one will not be able to remove a high level of impurities. Such vacuum cleaner is cross-functional because it can be used for damp furniture, sink, floor and window cleaning. It removes dirt that has already worn into... »»»
Cleaning as a business    The meaning of the word “cleaning” is simple for every person, who at least a bit knows English. If You translate cleaning service from English these words mean all service that provides washing, cleaning, tidying-up and etc. Most of people think that professional cleaning is like a regular cleaning, but it is not exactly true. »»»  »»»
Why do we need professional cleaning equipment?   The decision of choosing the professional cleaning equipment should be done seriously.  If You buy special equipment, do not try to economize Your money. In situation when you need professional equipment, it is better to pay more for quality and specialized equipment then for a regular not so effective one. For example, a vacuum cleaner with dry cleaning function will not be able to replace... »»»
Ecologically clean detergents   Nowadays “eco” direction has become popular all over the world that is why all the household detergents try to comply with it. Cleaning process with a help of “eco” detergents has been popular in Europe during last years. They are very popular and needed because they remove all the impurities more effectively, don`t pollute the eco system and the most important – don`t cause any damage... »»»
Clean wallpapers   The market has a lot of new wallpapers, that are principally different from those wallpapers that were manufactured earlier based on other criteria. First difference – their look has been changed, second – manufacturing methods have been modernized, third – their functions changed because now it is possible to clean and wash them, but it should be done carefully. »»»  »»»
Big things start with small beginnings   Charity and social responsibility of business is becoming more popular and widespread. Company executives give money and other resources not just for goods but to form the image of a company which cares for the society, which is responsible and which does the charity. »»»  »»»
Our computer is our fortress   In modern world people spend a lot of work or leisure time being in front of the computer. It made a PC almost a vital part of our life. When it has become our everyday part, it needs the same as furniture or household appliances to be cared of, cleaned and dusted. »»»  »»»
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