St Valentine`s Day in DEN company   St Valentine`s Day – is one of the most romantic holidays of the year. Lovers all over the world share Valentine`s cards, presents and make love expressions. Romantic atmosphere fills everything around. This holiday had also been celebrated in DEN cleaning company. »»»  »»»
Cleaning offices and premises   Office is not just a premise where administrative personnel of any company works. It is a place where employees spend at least 8 hours per day, where take place different meetings with present and prospective clients, partners, employees and etc. Actually the office is a “home” of a company, which doors are always open to a big number of people. As every home, it should be comfortable and... »»»
Cleaning the industrial carpet Taking care of floor covering is very important because the results of high humidity and bad cleaning can cause fungus and mould. Natural industrial carpeting should be cleaned with vacuum cleaner at least every 3 days. Damp cleaning should be done once in a month. Sinking into fiber, dirt usually works like abrasive material, which speeds up the wear out process before end of its term of service. ... »»»
Some advices for You to make Your kitchen clean Kitchen equipment requires very gentle and accurate care and cleaning, because most of that equipment is very expensive nowadays. Good and regular care will make it look better inside and outside, and will also work longer. That is why we decided to share our advices about taking care of kitchen equipment and of kitchen in general. »»»  »»»
Professional cleaning of enterprises Every enterprise, even being involved in industrial sphere, has its own hard-to-reach places. In those places there is not dirt only but there are also a lot of harmful agents, which can harm human organism. The best example is an air vent, which is in every premise and is cleaned rarely. »»»  »»»
Cleaning ceramic tile on the floor There are two types of ceramic tile: glazed and unglazed. Dalle is usually used for siding the walls, tabletop or floor. It is hard or partly glass surface. Unglazed tile consists of natural clay, which is sometimes mixed with colorants. It can be used for covering the floor, walls tabletops.  Same type of ceramic tile should be taken care of more carefully compared to the simple tile. »»»  »»»
Logistics centers and storages cleaning Talking about business connected with manufacturing, we mean factories, sections, administrative centers (offices) and trade areas (shops, supermarkets).  But there is one important part of every manufacturing process – the logistics centers and storages. These places are to save the goods before coming to the stores for quite a long time. »»»  »»»
“Spring cleaning” history General cleaning (originally called as “spring cleaning”) – is usually done in a spring period of time, when people do cleaning after winter. It is more common to use “general cleaning” term for talking about comprehensive office cleaning, which is usually done in first few warm days of spring. That is why general cleaning is usually called  spring cleaning. Moreover, it has also become... »»»
General cleaning before living the maternity house When Your family becomes bigger it brings home happiness but it also brings a lot of new pleasant cares. Home will be rearranged: new furniture, toys, and special household appliances. It is a great event when a new member of a family is coming from a maternity house, so You should be prepared forehand. »»»  »»»
Taking care for industrial carpeting   To maintain cleanness inside the premise, you can leave a small carpet before the entrance, which will absorb the dirt. You can also use different types of dry foam or shampoo to maintain a good condition of industrial carpeting inside the premise. For deeper and spot cleaning, you can use strong vacuum cleaner with turbo brush. »»»  »»»
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