Post-construction cleaning

The services provided by the DEN company in the sphere of cleaning premises from the after-effects of construction and repair works are the best solution which allows to quickly make the premises completely ready for comfortable operation.

As practice shows, the post-construction cleaning of offices, flats and houses executed by our specialists is distinguished by high operational efficiency and the blameless quality of the final result.

It is known that in the best case construction companies and repair teams are able to make the surface cleaning of premises as they never take care of the details and the appearance of interiors and exteriors.

In this case the professionals of our company come to help as they are equipped with serious experience, highly efficient equipment and innovative household cleaning tools.

Post-construction and post-repair cleaning currently includes impressive range of ready empirical solutions which allow offering the customer the ideally cleaned premises that are absolutely ready to live and work in.

Post-construction cleaning of premises from our company is:

  • High operational efficiency without the loss in quality;
  • ‘Key-ready’ complex perimeter cleaning;
  • Technically competent usage of facilities and technologies;
  • Sophisticated organization of working processes;
  • Delicate attitude to architectural elements and interior units;
  • Modest prices;
  • Impressive list of additional services as for cleaning premises and maintaining the adjacent territory in perfect condition.

The end of the post-construction cleaning of offices, flats and houses is considered the signing by the customer of the acceptance certificate after all defects (mentioned by the owner of the premises) have been removed.

Post-construction cleaning is an integrated service. Qualified post-construction cleaning of offices and residential units includes the following measures which are routinely realized:

  • Total cleaning and construction garbage removal;
  • Careful cleaning of all interior surfaces and facades which allows to completely remove the rest of construction materials;
  • Cleaning of floor surfaces with the usage of special chemicals and equipment;
  • Careful washing and polishing of translucent elements and mirrors;
  • Cleaning of radiators, pipes, doors, stucco mouldings, cornices, sanitary ware, window sills of ventilation holes and other decorative and functional elements from the after-effects of repair and construction works;
  • Finish general cleaning of premises with the usage of chemicals and instruments for professional cleaning.

Due to such an approach it is possible to provide the efficient and successful character of work and to fulfill the tasks exactly within a particular timeframe.