After building cleaning business centers

You complete the construction of a new business center or plan to repair already existing? Then you need to take care in advance about how to bring it up after all repairs. In fact, after construction indoors is a lot of rubbish, traces of building materials, dust and odors. A business center — it’s a huge office space, in which the whole day will be a lot of employees, which will be arriving guests and clients. In addition, the facade of the office building should sparkling clean, inspiring confidence in their appearance and symbolizing stability.

Therefore it is necessary to conduct a thorough cleaning after construction and repair. This obligation is best left to the professionals — specialized cleaning company. Employees of this company will appreciate the entire range of work, pick up cleaning methods all surfaces and surfacing materials to prevent damage to them and prolong their life. Specialists will use in the only professional equipment, tools, chemicals and detergents. In the case of complex pollution, namely experts from the professional cleaning company will be able to eliminate pollution, without prejudice to the surface. By their own forces can only scratch the surface, leaving traces of mismanagement with chemicals.

Not all cleaning companies can take on such a voluminous work, as a major business center cleaning requires special training by the Cleaner and a whole set of professional equipment available.

In the process of cleaning after construction of business centers, the following work:
Debris removal;

  • Washing of windows, doors and other glass surfaces;
  • Cleaning of facades of the building;
  • Washing, grinding and polishing of hard floors;
  • Cleaning of carpets;
  • Getting Started bathrooms;
  • Removal of odors from building materials;
  • Wash all surfaces, and others.

Cleaning company «DEN» provides all of the above services at the highest level. Our experts deliver services after building cleaning business centers throughout Ukraine. We will quickly and efficiently prepare your business center for operation after construction and repair. He will be not just clean, but cozy. This will help to attract potential customers and partners. If you just end construction or repair of a business center, then contact our company, and we will become your trusted partner by preparing your building to work.