After building cleaning plants, factories, mills, workshops

Construction of a large industrial facility (plant, factory, shop, etc.) — it’s a long process. The final stage of any construction or repair — cleaning it. It is very important chtobv in the room in which will soon be produced products, it was really clean. Given the fact that some types of production in general, require a full clean room, the process of cleaning after construction should be approached with great responsibility.

The optimal solution is not to take the cleaning forces builders and workers, and to turn to professionals — a cleaning company. After cleaning large objects need special training: you need adequate cleaning equipment, which will cope with large areas and traces of building materials, dust and various contaminants. Often have to perform high-altitude work, and for this you need a special high-rise and climbing equipment, professional climbers Cleaner. In addition, only experts can find the right list of chemicals and detergents, which can be used in cleaning of a commercial premises.

Therefore, organizing cleaning after construction, better consult and make the service from professionals.

Cleaning company «DEN» provides a range of services for cleaning after construction of industrial premises, factories, factories, factories, workshops, etc. We organize the cleaning quality and professionally:

  • Debris removal;
  • Laundered traces of building materials;
  • My walls, facades, windows and doors;
  • Clear the equipment;
  • Grind and polish the floor coverings;
  • Eliminate odors and other post-construction.

Cleaning company «DEN» uses an individual approach to the cleaning of each object. That’s why we select range of services for industrial cleaning after construction of the object in person, analyzing the specifics of future production in this room, especially operation of machinery and equipment that are already there are or will be, the materials which are used in finishing and repair work.

Therefore, if you finish the repair or construction of an industrial facility, make sure that after he had made a quality cleaning. Cleaning company «DEN» is ready to become your reliable partner and take over this function, giving you a high level of service quality.