After building cleaning warehouse and logistics center

Warehouses and logistics centers — this is a huge room for savings and sort large volumes of goods and products. Immediately after the construction of such premises and the premises before taking into operation, they must be prepared to work — to clean up, wash and disinfect. The most important object is before you start cleaning after construction. That it will help to prepare the new premises to the supply of goods.

How can arrange cleaning after construction?

Such services can be provided and the builders themselves. But often they are limited to cleaning garbage disposal, and this is not enough, because after the construction is always dust, dirt and odors that need to be addressed before using the facilities.

After building cleaning — is a huge and complex event, realize that afford a professional cleaning company. However, given the variety of floor space, it can be said that not every cleaning company will be able to cope with this kind of work. Hundreds and thousands of square meters should remove most of the brigade, using special equipment, which is designed to work over large areas and can cope with pollution, remove the remnants of building materials, to polish or grind the surface. May also be useful and high-altitude climbing work, which will require special equipment and implements, specialists Cleaner. Appreciate the complexity and variety of works on the project will only specialists of the company, which already has a similar experience.

Cleaning company «DEN» provides a service professional or afterconstruction Cleanup cleaning. We qualitatively prepare your warehouse or logistics center for operation.

We provide the following services:

  • take out the trash after construction;
  • remove the remnants and traces of building materials on the surfaces;
  • clean them and otpoliruem;
  • will wash room inside and outside;
  • eliminate unpleasant odors from building materials.

Your room will be ready for operation as soon as possible. To do this, we have everything you need: qualified personnel, necessary equipment, tools, chemicals and detergents, and most importantly — work experience at various sites throughout Ukraine. It is our experience allows us to work efficiently, providing its customers with the best range of services after building cleaning of the highest quality.

If you finish the construction or repair of a logistics center or warehouse, please contact us in advance, our experts will assess the scope of work, advise you on all issues and provide high-quality cleaning, preparing the room to work. Your cleaning company «DEN».