Prices for cleaning services of «DEN» company

Price for cleaning from «DEN» corresponds to the high quality and efficiency of our services. Our clients are mostly large Ukrainian and foreign companies operating in Ukraine: shopping centers, business centers; supermarket chains; industrial companies; transport and logistics companies; government, financial and educational institutions, and others.

Cleaning company «DEN» establishes prices for cleaning services on the basis of all peculiarities of a given facility, which our customer needs to clean. It’s impossible to set a single price per square meter of cleaning of small office, large industrial plant or warehouse complex. Therefore, a mandatory stage before beginning of mutually beneficial cooperation is evaluation by our manager of needed types of cleaning and, of course, the cost of cleaning.

Cost of cleaning by different cleaning companies in Ukraine differs. Often you can find an indication of the exact cost of a service on the cleaning company website, while in the end you can get much higher price for cleaning indeed. DEN cleaning company cares about our clients’ time and comfort; therefore our managers come to your facility object for approval of the list of required works and calculating price for cleaning.

The process of calculating the cost of cleaning for a single object consists of several stages

First and foremost, you need to consider the size of the object. The size of object directly affects the amount of staff that we take in and train, as well as what kind of special machines will be used for cleaning. The greater the number of square meters we take for servicing, the cheaper the customer will get the price of cleaning per 1 square meter.

The second criterion in setting price of cleaning services is the type or specifics of an object. It can be a manufacturing enterprise, warehouse, shopping center or private house, and their cleaning will differ much. Price setting for cleaning depends on factors such as the attendance of the objectwork shifts on it, height of ceilings, the quantity of lifts, quantity of sanitary rooms, number of glass made areas, the need for cleaning of parking lot, and others.

Depending on the specifics of object, it requires general cleaning with some regularity. Experts of the cleaning company DEN are perfectly informed on the standards of conducting different types of cleaning for various objects. Adherence to standards of cleaning frequency will provide longer-lasting state of functioning, excellent condition of furniture and equipment and will prevent hard dirt formation while maintaining proper sanitary condition of the object.

The third major criterion for setting price for cleaning service is a type of cleaning services provided. DEN cleaning company provides its clients with a comprehensive range of services: general cleaning, daily cleaning, after construction cleaning, adjacent territory cleaning, transport cleaning, seasonal works: removal of snow and icicles, collecting leaves, haying grass, as well as specialized works.

The list of special cleaning works of our company includes high-altitude works for cleaning facades, carpet cleaning or restoration of a protective film on the linoleum; disinfection, desinsection, deratization and others.

There’s a simple rule: in practice, the client always gets an economy if he orders complex cleaning services, rather than ordering one-time services.

Other factors that make up the price of cleaning are:

  • Number of personnel involved. Some, even large, objects need only few professional cleaners to be kept clean. Specifics of other facilities may require a large number of staff involved. The key element in the price of cleaning makes the staff salary.
  • Equipment, machines and chemistry used. From their quantity and selected manufacturer the cost of cleaning depends much.

«DEN» cleaning company, while setting the cost of cleaning services, takes into account all the above –mentioned factors, offering a reasonable and fair price. Our managers will take into account all peculiarities of the order, the specifics of the object and, most importantly, the client’s wishes. The price of cleaning services in Kiev and throughout Ukraine is optimal at provided high quality of service.

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