Industrial alpinism

Industrial alpinism in modern construction and the subsequent operation of high-rise buildings is one of the most high-demand services. Most types of works can be executed only with the help of high-altitude climbers, and in other cases industrial alpinism can help the company to seriously save on expensive equipment.

Industrial alpinism allows solving lots of issues concerning the repair of roofs, facades, high-rise constructions, house heating-up, assembly of over-roof advertising installations, brandmouers etc. Elevated jobs are in demand while cleaning windows and facades, during painting and stucco works, while removing snow from roofs.

Benefits of industrial alpinism:

  • Lack of necessity of timber forests and expensive hoisting mechanisms;
  • Shorter terms of elevated works;
  • Opportunity to execute elevated works in hard-to-reach places when there is no possibility to use the technical equipment;
  • Service mobility – there is no need to stop the productive process while work performance; the rapidity of elevation jobs;
  • Substantial reduction of finishing, assembly and repair works.

Industrial alpinism can solve lots of issues but due to the fact that the human factor plays the major role in elevated jobs, it is important to choose the most experienced and responsible contractors which can guarantee 100% result necessary for the customer. DEN cleaning company has provided industrial alpinism services and has all necessary licenses (License of State Health and Safety Supervision Authority for high-altitude and climbing works #170.09.32-45.21.1 dated 24.02.2009) and a spotless reputation with the customers.

We offer the integrated service in the sphere of industrial alpinism and execution of elevated jobs of any difficulty. The company is staffed with experienced high-altitude climbers with special skills of work on the high complexity objects.

DEN company provides selective faced repair with the help of interpanel joint water-proofing. Industrial alpinism method is successfully used to execute the following works in residential bearing-wall houses and industrial buildings.

We also provide the industrial alpinism service while making the all-inclusive repair and façade finishing for different buildings and steelworks higher than 3 meters.

We fix up buildings in a state of complete neglect; make professional cleaning of windows and all elevated translucent structures. Industrial alpinism will help make facades and windows clean and the building will be like-new.

We provide minor repair and cleaning different roofs from plain to pitch ones including those in private houses, country cottages, trade & office & industrial buildings. The strong point of our industrial climbers is difficult roofs.

We execute the elevated works to assembly advertising structures of all types from over-roof installations to wall brandmauers. We assembly the outer electric services, lighting equipment, video cameras, climate facilities etc. Industrial alpinism allows saving on difficult hoisting equipment and allows assembly in places non-accessible for mechanisms.

We will help to head dangerous trees, execute numerous elevated jobs which are not included into this list.