High-altitude work

Professionals of  DEN cleaning company execute a full range of high-rise works. We individually select the service of elevated cleaning depending on the pollution industry. Façade cleaning is made due to usage of special chemicals with waterproofing agents which considerably strengthen and prolongs the cleaning service results.

Industrial alpinism services include:

  • Elevated washing of shop-windows, facades and windows;
  • Assembly, disassembly, repair and maintenance of outdoor advertising (of any type), decorations for buildings, outdoor electric services, illuminating equipment (of all types), video cameras, aerials, air-conditioners, exhaust vents and other detachable equipment;
  • Repair, replacement and installation of rain-pipes, leader heads and steelworks;
  • Sand blasting of facades and steelworks over 3m;
  • Façade painting and repair of all types of difficulty;
  • Steelworks painting and corrosion-resistant processing;
  • Roof water-proofing and minor repair;
  • Interpanel joint water-proofing;
  • Roof and façade cleaning from snow and ice; icicle removal;
  • Removal and heading of dangerous trees.