List of services

General cleaning
Dry (dry mop-system) and wet cleaning (wet mop-system); Chemical cleaning of textile and hard surfaces (with the use of professional equipment), Washing windows, facades, complex cleaning and disinfecting toilets, supply of sanitary zones consumables; Gardening and landscaping services; coffee lady (at the time of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, meetings, corporate events), cleaning and maintenance of adjacent lands; taking out the trash and others.

Daily cleaning
Washing windows and facades, After Construction Cleaning, Cleaning after repair, cleaning after a fire, flood, chemical cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture, dry-cleaning (washing) of marble, granite, hardwood, stone and polymer flooring, coating polymer films, crystallized solid surfaces grinding marble and granite communications Service (dry and wet cleaning), Cleaning Washing high Pressure Sandblasting, cleaning blinds, garbage and much more …

Post-construction cleaning
Cleaning of all types of surfaces from stains paint, glue, mortar and materials, dust and other contaminants. Removal of trash remaining after the construction or repair. Cleaning the surrounding areas.

Carpet and soft furniture dry-cleaning
Spilled coffee, ink, ingrained dirt will not add beauty to any  interior. Therefore, it’s important to pay special attention to the removal of stains.
While expluatation period, carpet collects in the dust, sand, solid, heavy particles that fall to the bottom of the pile, starting to cut the fiber when stepping by their feet.

Care for solid surfaces
To extend the life of the floor or restore lost shine of the floor there are special methods.

Cleaning windows, shop-windows, facades
Our company has huge experience in the organization of work on the sink. Due to the well defined process all the work on cleaning windows is done fast and accurately.

Cleaning industrial facilities
In contrast to the domestic cleaning industrial cleaning is different. Each production there is a specific set of processes, production schedules, production of waste and pollution. All these factors contribute to a special type of cleaning.

Cleaning the surrounding areas
Maintaining the cleanliness of the territory of any kind, irrespective of the nature of the cover: land near the shopping and business center, supermarkets, warehouse area or business area, or just the courtyard house.

Caring for granite and marble
Despite the fact that the stone is one of the most durable natural materials, products, and polished slabs of it requires careful handling, regular cleaning and special care.

High-jacking works
High-jacking — full list of services.

Industrial alpinism
Washing windows, facades, windows at height, installation, disassembly, repair and maintenance of: outdoor (any type), ornaments of buildings, outdoor wiring, lighting, cameras, antennas, air conditioners, air ducts and other; repair, replacement and installation of drain pipes, sinks and metal costructions; Sandblasting and metal facades above 3 m, painting and repair of facades of any complexity, service climbers …

Stain and smell removal
Spilled coffee, ink, ingrained dirt will not add beauty to any interior. Therefore, it’s important to pay special attention to the removal of stains.