Real estate servicing

Professionalism and competency of “DEN” employees allows us to provide a cleaning service for any type of objects: starting with small private apartments and up to huge factories and enterprises. We provide cleaning services of a very high quality for the optimal price.

“DEN” cleaning company can provide cleaning services for real estate buildings and premises, like cleaning trade and business centers, working areas, apartment and cottage cleaning. We do dry-cleaning of any surfaces, deratization, and disinfection of premises. Also, “DEN” employees can perform high rise works and clean the facades of the building, washing showcases and windows. We also do onetime work for garbage removal, cleaning after construction, remodeling, and maintenance, and cleaning and landscaping the surrounding areas. Our specialists also do quality marble and granite polishing.

All these services we provide at different edifices with different types of property.

We work with commercial real estate in the following edifices and directions:

  • trade and business centers;
  • offices and parking lots;
  • malls, supermarkets, shops;
  • sport clubs;
  • manufacturing facilities;
  • storages and logistic centres;
  • medical institutions;
  • cinemas (movie theaters);
  • restaurants;
  • exhibition centers;
  • hotels;
  • surrounding areas.

Private property edifices that we are servicing are as follows:

  • cottages;
  • apartments;
  • country houses and complexes.

Also, we provide transport cleaning services for:

  • cars;
  • buses;
  • intercity trains.