For DEN company with its big number of employees it is important to use different ways of forming and building the team. Sport is an inalienable part of corporate culture.

DEN company is an active participant of different sporting events. Sportsmanship is supported in many ways, the most active employees organized their own football team.

Participation in a football tournament is an effective tool of team building not only for the immediate participants, but also for the rest of the staff, who are always happy to support their colleagues. DEN football team repeatedly participated and won prizes in various corporate football tournaments: “Corporate Football League”, “Business League Cup”, “Soccer-Land”.

Moreover, the company often organizes various corporate sporting events. These events are held in summer, near Kiev, in the specially equipped recreation centers. At such sporting events employees have an excellent opportunity to network with each other in an informal setting, have fun and just relax.

We also always use the opportunity to build the team through various competitions, exciting types of entertainment and team sports. After the events the employees are always happy, team spirit rises significantly, and this certainly contributes to the labor productivity.