Cleaning of adjacent areas of logistics centers

Logistics centers, complexes and warehouses — is not only a large room, which contain different products. It is also adjacent areas for the care demands attention no less than cleaning themselves smokers.

The area around the warehouse or logistics center — this is a big fenced area, which is also an integral component. It is difficult to imagine that the client will trust you saving its output if the warehouse will wallow around piles of garbage, grow tall grass or drive up to it will not be possible due to the blockages of snow. It’s not just a matter of fire safety, but also a matter of protection, because the security service warehouse should have access to the video surveillance of the area surrounding the warehouse, to prevent the theft of products stored in the warehouse.

Therefore, the organization of cleaning the warehouse, it is worth considering and constant cleaning of the neighborhood. To do this, it is best to seek help from a professional cleaning company that can provide you with high quality cleaning services. Better to address a major cleaning company with experience in working with large industrial facilities and logistics centers, because smaller companies that specialize in cleaning apartments and offices, are unlikely to qualitatively organize cleaning large outdoor areas.

Cleaning company «DEN», based on his years of experience and the availability of resources (trained personnel, harvesting equipment and professional cleaning products), can guarantee you quality cleaning neighborhoods warehouses and logistics centers. We provide the following services:

  • Sweeping territory;
  • Removal of gasoline and fuel oil stains from asphalt;
  • Garbage collection and removal;
  • Shoe boxes;
  • Snow removal and removal (if necessary, tractors);
  • Cleaning the roads of snow in the winter time;
  • Grounds maintenance of dry leaves and recycling, etc..

All of these services help to keep the neighborhood clean, your logistics center will look well-groomed and neat, which makes it more attractive for customers.

Cleaning company «DEN» can qualitatively arrange daily cleaning of adjacent areas or one-time spend cleaning, freeing you from the debris of fallen leaves or snow.