Stain and smell removal

Professional cleaning is a set of tools and actions for cleaning different rooms and areas. Most often cleaning is associated with systematic cleaning of large objects or a wide range of services for general cleaning. But in fact, a professional approach to cleaning is required even in small details.

We mean the service of removing stains. Small nuisances can ruin the visual appearance of a particular object or the whole space. Spilled coffee, black, ingrained dirt will add beauty to no design. Therefore, special attention should be given to the removal of stains at any cleaning.

It is especially important to entrust this work to professionals, because self-removal of certain types of contamination can only hurt the surface which is cleaned. Inability to work with chemicals and lack of awareness of the consequences of their use can significantly affect the outcome of cleaning.

Therefore, DEN company as a professional in the field of cleaning recommends to feel free to contact our company, not only to order integrated services, but also for cleanups of such type. Our approach to cleaning saves time and different client’s resources. In addition, we actually re-assume the responsibility for the cleanup of this or that item.

Providing services of removing stains, we begin with the complexity of work: define the nature of stains, their size and suggest the corresponding solutions. Then we choose all necessary tools to deal with contamination. Then we immediately remove stains.

We can try different techniques to make the result the most satisfying for our customers.