DEN cleaning company while realizing its policy of corporate social responsibility not only deals with inner problems solution but is also actively involved into social life. The company tries to be well-informed of the society problems and directs its activity at their negotiation. The specific feature of DEN public activity is a system approach. We try not to give single-point solution to the problems, our efforts are directed at integrated and perspective solution of problems.

  DEN company sets the specific tasks that bring real effective result. For example, working with the Charity fund for children with cancer KRAB and the foundation CROWN, DEN joined the attempts to solve urgent social problem — pediatric oncology. The company directs funds and equipment (professional cleaning equipment) at comprehensive support of the children’s department of the National Cancer Institute.

Moreover, the company is engaged into informing the public about the issues of pediatric oncology and encourages its business partners to join the company’s social initiatives. Thus, DEN company was continuously involved into the process of dealing with the problem, not just by providing one-time assistance to certain people or organizations but also by systematic interacting with different groups of stakeholders.

At a general level, the company assumes the responsibility to direct material and non-material resources at the implementation of social programs that promote not only a healthy way of life, but also contribute to the establishment of friendly partnership.