Cleaning of windows, shop-windows and facades

Office of the company and its image, starting from the building in which it is located. Our company has extensive experience in organizing work to sink. Thanks to the precise organization of the process, all work on cleaning windows executed quickly and efficiently.

Window washing produce specialists, specially trained and use special cleaning agents, equipment, gear and equipment. To clean hard to reach places and work on cleaning windows at height involved in industrial lifts, or climbers.

Depending on the configuration of modern buildings cleaning windows, storefronts, facades can be done only specialists who were trained and using special cleaning agents, equipment, gear and equipment well-known manufacturers.

Window cleaning includes the following steps:

Preparation and cleaning of glass surfaces. If windows are heavily soiled, ie solid that is difficult to substances used for cleaning scrubbers, pads, chemicals.

Washing windows. With piled at the window scraper is applied chem. means. The detergent is separated from the glass windows are present in soot and grime, which are mechanically mixed with water and foam on the surface of the window.

Drying. The cleaning solution is removed from the surface of windows with a rubber scraper (eviction), the residual moisture is removed at the edges of glass cleaning cloths.

Washing windows, storefronts — this is not just a dirty divorce and remove traces, and means a thorough cleaning of the window frame and sill special means wiping the window frame and sill with a soft cloth.

Washing the facade — We carry all types of cleaning the facade. All work is done with the involvement of industrial mountaineers. Washing your facade will be held as soon as possible with high quality!

We are responsible for building a wash as soon as possible. Our company has all the necessary equipment to carry out work at height and in confined spaces. We use only certified chemistry.